​Items to bring on your next Oklahoma Hog Hunting Trip are a big Cooler, Binoculars, Range Finder, favorite camo and boots and a comfortable seat cushion should do just fine. Oh don’t forget that weapon of choice and plenty of ammo. 

After your successful Hog Hunt you can either watch us skin and visit or relax in the hunting lodge and watch TV/movies. We have a big screen TV that's hooked up to satellite. We also have wireless internet in the Hog Hunting Lodge for your use. If you would like to harvest another hog we'll be more than happy to take you back out and get another hog at a reduced price (only $250). Your hunt, your way!  We also have a large walk-in cooler, and freezers to store your game until you're ready to load up your ice chest. We do not provide ice but for your convenience it is located just down the road.

​The Pogany Hog Hunting Ranch is located just 35 miles South of Tulsa Oklahoma. A Fully Guided Hog Hunt, we make it easy and let the hunter choose what to shoot with just one flat rate. Our Hog Hunting Ranch is 200 acres of Rolling Hills and Heavily wooded timber, just perfect to hide those giant hogs and give them a great place to grow big and old. The hogs at the Pogany Hog Hunting Ranch are very waryHaving the same senses of a big whitetail, they won't stick around long if you make the wrong move!

All of our hunting stands are strategically place over feeders and food plots at a maximum distance of 50 yards in order to provide you with the best opportunity to harvest a great hog. Since this is a fully guided hunt, your guide will be able to help you considerably in your success. Your guide can provide a spot and stalk experience you won’t soon forget!  Just be sure to discuss this option prior to you going out and is usually provided only when the hunting is a little slow on stand.

We offer Hog Hunting 7 days a week!  

Oklahoma Hog Hunts at Pogany

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​For more information about Hog Hunting or our Hunting Lodge please call us directly at 918-521-5018.

We never make you rush so when you arrive, simply unpack, gear up, review the rules and shoot your rifle while accompanied by your guide. Let us know prior to your arrival if you would like onsite lodging and meals. We try to make this as relaxing and convenient as possible. Lodging is based on availability and unless reserved with your reservation we cannot guarantee this luxury.

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Pogany Whitetails

​​Bring a big ice chest as we offer quartering of your hogs on site at no extra charge!

If you shoot a hog and we are unable to find it, that hog will count against your limit. This policy helps eliminate indiscriminate shots. However, we will do everything in our power to find your hog. You will see we go the extra mile to make your Oklahoma Hog Hunting Trip successful! Your guide is always in charge. The hunt ends when we feel we have exhausted all resources in the attempt to recover your wounded hog.  

Oklahoma Hog Hunts
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​At Pogany we start by Shooting your weapon of choice and be sure you are sighted in. Again we provide shots out to 50 yards so sighting in your hog hunting rifle before you arrive is important. A zero to 50 yards is recommended and if your rifle is zeroed at 100 yards your shot will be low at 50, just saying. A minimum caliber rifle of .243 is recommended for hog hunting and we allow all AR10 platforms but limit AR15 platforms to 6.5 Grendel, 50 Beowulf, .410, 12ga, or 20ga and require slugs. Pistols no smaller than .357. FMJ ammunition will not be allowed under any circumstances for hog hunts provided at Pogany Hog Hunting Preserve. Primitive weapons such as Muzzle loader, Compound Bow and Crossbow are always welcome. We cater to Hog Hunters with disabilities as well! 

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Hog Hunting in Oklahoma

No Trophy Hog Hunting Fees EVER!

Fully Guided Single Day Hog Hunts include any size hog on our property starting at only $275/person.  

You may bring as many Non-Hunters as you would like for the same low price of $100 per night. Your guest can accompany you in stand with you, film your Hog Hunt, just take pictures of the hogs coming into the feeders or perhaps the nice whitetail deer that may walk by.

During your Hog Hunting Trip, you will see many Trophy Whitetail Deer, these deer are NOT targets! If during season you would like to harvest a Trophy, then please discuss this with your guide or when making your reservation and details can be provided at that time, including a shoot on site price. While in stand you may see a whitetail you can’t pass on. Simply ask your guide the cost and you decide if pulling the trigger is right for you. Remember the same rules apply for deer as hogs except the pricing. 

​Pogany Hog Hunting Lodge includes all meals, beer and wine. Our Hunting Lodge is exclusive to your party, whether you have 1 person or 10 people in your group. When you reserve your hog hunt with us let us know if you would like the lodge to yourself, you will not be in the lodge with another hunting party that you don’t know. Our rustic lodge is 4 bedroom/2 bath and is handicap accessible. 2 bedrooms have bunk beds and 2 have queen beds. The lodge sleeps 8 total. Kitchen/living room is open floor plan. We have satellite TV and all food beer and wine are included with your stay and some downhome country cooking. Other than an outstanding hunting experience you can fish in our pond (we provide fishing poles for great bass and crappie fishing), drive ATV’S (Polaris Rangers on the property for usage), and shoot at our gun range. 

Pogany Hog Hunting Ranch requires a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your dates. Please call (918) 521-5018 to schedule your hunting dates and confirm availability. Upon arrival, the remaining balance is to be paid in CASH. If your plans change, your deposit will apply to any date you can come if available within 6 months of your originally scheduled Hog Hunting Trip date.

To simplify your scheduling we have provided a PayPal payment button which can be used for deposits after we have discussed your requested dates and answered all your questions. You can also contact us about the PayPal 6 months no interest financing options available to approved applicants for all of our hunts at Pogany. Note that deposits are non refundable but can be applied to another scheduled hunt within twelve months of your first cancellation.

​​One hog any size per day is include with your hog hunt, regardless of weapon used (e.g. Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Compound Bow or Crossbow). Size or cutter length does not matter they all count as one.

No Trophy Fees Ever!

We do offer a rifle rental and includes one box of shells for only $25/day.

* Please note that Fixed Blade broad heads are recommended when archery hunting and the only exception is G5 Dead Meat.

- One day fully guided hunt includes one hog of any size and is $275 per Hunter.

* This is not a guaranteed kill, but we will guarantee you that you will see plenty of hogs within shooting range of your Bow or Rifle!

- Two day fully guided hunt for two hogs is only $550 per person.

* Lodging which includes meals and beverages is $100 per person per night no matter if they hunt or not. 

* Prices do not include a tip for your Hog Hunting Guide or processor, which are customary for a successful hunt and very much appreciated.